Decentralized Data Marketplace

$175 Million in Revenues. 100+ yrs experience. APIs at 100K+ QPS. 400MM+ Datapoints.

Token Generation Event

start block: 4289200 (Sep. 18, 2017 23:59 GMT) - end block: 4370000 (Oct. 12, 2017 23:00 GMT)

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35,539,786 WOLK sold (Value: $10.7 million)

71% of min goal achieved

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Based on our experience in scaling mobile advertising

in Revenue
years of data science and ad tech experience
relationships with advertisers and publishers

Our mission is to create open data sharing systems
for the World

Wolk APIs are doing it right now

Wolk API Queries Per Second Capacity
Mobile datapoints onboarded

and with your help, with WOLK tokens

Decentralized Data Marketplace

Wolk is a decentralized/blockchain-based data marketplace, powered by the WOLK token. Created by experts and data scientists with decades of experience in digital advertising and performance-based marketing.

Token Generation Event until 10/9/17

Exchange ETH for WOLK during our Token Generation Event. Use WOLK Tokens in Wolks data exchange APIs. WOLK is an Ethereum based token.                            

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Buy Data with WOLK

Connect mobile device IDs, emails, and phone numbers to deterministic data attributes. Access data in real time via APIs. Improve marketing efficiency with higher ROI from more precision.

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Sell Data for WOLK

Earn new streams of revenue (in WOLK) from your audience. Control pricing and minimize data leakage. Participate in high-growth cryptocurrency ecosystem.                                                        

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Cryptocurrency-Based Data Marketplace

Data Buyers

Data Buyers (left) send WOLK tokens along with inputs (device IDs, emails or phone numbers) and Wolk responds with attributes tied to those inputs

Wolk API

Behind the scenes, algorithms match the inputs to the most pre- cise advertising data attributes available.

Data Sellers

Data Sellers (right) regularly onboard data to Wolk. As this data is monetized, Data Sellers are compensated with WOLK.

Wolk In The News

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White Paper


Purchase Agreement


The WOLK Token Whitepaper is essential reading for all participants of the Token Generation Event. Download and learn details in depth about the problems we are solving and how the Wolk Protocol works to solve them. The Whitepaper also provides specific details on the role the WOLK token plays and how it is used within the protocol.

Meet the Team

with over 100+ years experience in mobile advertising and data science

Sourabh Niyogi


Sonia Gonzalez


Harish Thimmappa

SVP of Revenue

Rodney Witcher

SVP of Product/Bus Dev

Michael Chung

PM/Protocol Dev

Mayumi Matsumoto

Data Scientist

Alina Chu

Data Scientist/Quantative Analyst

Nitin Chauhan

Data Engineer

Bruce Han

Software Engineer

Luvsanbyamba (Luba)

Data Engineer/Quantative Analyst

Scott Salin

Sales/Bus Dev

Alejandro Rodriguez

Sales/Bus Dev