WOLK Token Pricing

WOLK Token Pricing (For ETH received from US and non-US persons)

Wolk is pleased to offer the following pricing for WOLK Tokens starting September 10, 2017 through the end of the Token Generation Event (around October 17, 2017).

Purchasers can receive a discount based on the number of tokens issued at the time ETH is received in accordance with the following table: (implemented here)

# of Tokens Issued At Time of PurchasePricingApprox Discount
0 to 49,999,999 WOLK1,177 WOLK per ETH (~ .000850 ETH/WOLK)15.0%
50,000,000 to 59,999,999 WOLK1,143 WOLK per ETH (~ .000875 ETH/WOLK)12.5%
60,000,000 to 69,999,999 WOLK1,111 WOLK per ETH (~ .000900 ETH/WOLK)10.0%
70,000,000 to 79,999,999 WOLK1,081 WOLK per ETH (~ .000925 ETH/WOLK)7.5%
80,000,000 to 89,999,999 WOLK1,053 WOLK per ETH (~ .000950 ETH/WOLK)5.0%
90,000,000 to 99,999,999 WOLK1,026 WOLK per ETH (~ .000975 ETH/WOLK)2.5%
100,000,000 to 199,999,999 WOLK1,000 WOLK per ETH (~ .000100 ETH/WOLK)0.0%

How to Participate

  1. Sign the Purchase Agreement via Docusign:
    e-Sign Purchase Agreement (ETH)
    You will need to provide your Ethereum address in this document to be whitelisted. Note that US participants must be accredited investors. If you are not an individual, contact us.
    To check whether your Ethereum address has been whitelisted, click here.

  2. Upon confirmation of a signed purchased agreement, you should send your ETH to:

    wolktoken.eth 0x728781E75735dc0962Df3a51d7Ef47E798A7107E

    If you would like to purchase WOLK with USD, visit this page.
    Important: Do not use any other source of information except that provided on wolk.com.

  3. After the Wolk Token Generation Event is finalized, you will receive your WOLK tokens in your Ethereum Wallet!


Please email [email protected] with any questions!