Earn a New Kind of Revenue

Create new sustained revenue streams from your audience data by sharing it in an unstoppable data exchange.

Get Rewarded for Being an Early Contributor

By exchanging your data for WOLK tokens early, you can benefit from the success of the Wolk ecosystem you are helping to build, as WOLK appreciates in value based on increased usage and decreased supply of WOLK.

Participate Anonymously

Wolk APIs aggregate your data anonymously, but you control data pricing. All transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling payment transparency.

Create Happiness in the World

Make Digital Marketing Better by Sharing Data, where the world is happier and more engaged with apps and sites

Selling Process

1. Send Data

Data Suppliers Transfer Deterministic First Party Data - Tied to Device IDs, Emails, or Phone Numbers

2. Data is Sold via APIs

Wolk APIs aggregate your data with other data suppliers, always above your CPM Floors

3. Earn WOLK Tokens

Data Suppliers earn WOLK when their data matches an API request and returned to a Data Buyer

Upload Data

Upload your data and we will send you WOLKs within minutes of valuing the data.

Drop Your JSON File Here
(*MAX SIZE 140MB -- Must adhere to the following format)


The WOLK you earn will be available at the end of the Token Generation Event